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Are You Successful by Worldly Standards, yet Weighed Down by Your Mind�s Endless Chatter?

Do you feel resentful that everything you do takes extra will and determination because of the crushing anxiety?

Can you relate to reporting accomplishments to friends, but not being able to muster true happiness? Do you have a gnawing feeling that you are missing out, or think you're "wired incorrectly" because you lack joy?

Is the worst part that you can't get away from yourself? Been there. Done that. Bought the tee-shirt. Hated it.

Which is why I help women just like you ditch the anxiety once and for all. I have to warn you, there is no magic wand.

But if you do nothing, the anxiety will continue to eat away at what should be a great life. What should have been happy events will pile up. A ruined birthday party. Fake smiling through a friend's wedding feeling like you can't catch a real breath. Dragging your exhausted body to a work party, wondering why no one sees that you are crumbling...even when you don't make an effort to hide it.

The only real solution is to have a program that works. This means having a system that eliminates anxiety from the body and the mind. That way, you can enjoy all that you've accomplished.

One client reported: "Last week we cleared guilt and shame. I swear I could feel the shame leave my body. And you asked me how I feel now. I feel like my body is lighter and I'm not disgusted with myself anymore."

And another client after doing the very first exercise wrote: "My body is calm. I didn't know it was possible to feel like this."

While there is no magic wand or pill, there is a way. I facilitate a specific journey for women just like you so you can release anxiety from it's very roots and reveal your inner peace. One exercise at a time (no standing on your head or twisting into a pretzel), one complete journey.

I'm looking to help those who are done looking like powerhouses on the outside while secretly trapped by anxiety on the inside. I'm looking for people who are ready to live lighter, freer and step into the joy-filled life that they only suspected was possible.

Your peace-filled days are waiting for you. I want to make sure you get to them.

Are you ready for calm and peace? Imagine moving through your days powerfully, with serenity.

I'm ready to guide and support you. Message me here or contact me at [email protected] and we'll hop on a call to identify exactly what is holding you back from your beautiful life.

Talk soon, lots of love, Susan

Peace Inside - Beauty Outside

Guide to Raising Inner Peace and Outer Beauty

What happens when a supermodel becomes a therapist? She focuses on outer beauty AND inner peace! Susan reveals her unique combination of anxiety reduction techniques and model beauty tips in her new book, Peace Inside - Beauty Outside.

Stress and anxiety are so commonplace that they are mistaken for normal in our crazy busy culture. Studies show that chronic anxiety is a contributor to accelerated aging. And, yuck, it's showing on our faces.

Susan interweaves vulnerable personal revelations with a precise energy exercise series, called the Inner Beauty Regime. It is a gem relatable to all us women seeking a boost in our optimum beauty quest.

Peace Inside - Beauty Outside provides an empowered approach to enhancing our beauty and inner peace in just 5 minutes a day.

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My Story

Picture the most confident, insecure person you can imagine. That was me.

I began modeling when I was 14. Upon later reflection, I realized my modeling career was a manifestation that emanated from a collage of models I pasted on my entire bedroom wall.

Agent after agent found me, which propelled me from Boston to New York City (NYC) to Sydney to Paris to Milan and back to NYC. I based myself in NYC while accumulating frequent flyer miles, street smarts, magazine covers, savings, insomnia, outrageous experiences, anxiety and confidence.

This combination, along with my innate spiritual nature, motivated me to search for inner peace. For years, I was simply trying to survive my days. I have definitely learned a lot through my healing journey. The natural choice after I retired from modeling was studying psychology and counseling thus lending my advice-giving personality credibility.

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Discover the Simple 5-Minute Miracle Method that
Eliminates Worry, Stress, Anxiety and Actually
(Astonishingly) Helps You Look and Feel More Beautiful


Meet Susan

Beauty is as Beauty Feels

Susan went from posing as a model to serving as a psychology professor and therapist. As an international supermodel, Susan graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Self, Bazaar and many more! Her face represented such powerhouses as Revlon, Maybelline, and L'Oreal...

After modeling she became an adjunct Professor of Psychology and therapist. Currently, as President of Beauty From the Inside Out, Inc., Susan is an author, speaker, and therapist. Her expertise as a supermodel and therapist merged into one passion: To raise your inner peace and outer beauty!

Susan's books, workshops, and videos come from what she learned over the years as a psychology professor, therapist and seeker of self-healing.
Susan is committed to helping you raise your inner peace and outer beauty. Her unique approach combines energy healing and traditional psychological techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and focused even after only a few minutes of dedication.

Susan considers healing work to be like physical exercise. "We all have the power to do exercises to build our strength. If we want to tone our biceps we do a bicep curl. If we want to be more relaxed or clear away trauma, there are exercises for that as well."

Susan just doesn't tell say you should be more peaceful, she shows you how to do it for yourself.


I feel like my body is lighter. - Mary W.

"Last week we cleared guilt and shame. I swear I could feel the shame leave my body. And you asked me how I feel now. I feel like my body is lighter and I'm not disgusted with myself anymore."

Your program was transformational. - Janice F.

"I had this gnawing feeling I was missing out on being happy because I was wired incorrectly. I fretted over every detail of EVERYTHING, till I was an anxious puddle. Your program was transformational. My body calmed down. I didn't know it was possible to feel like this. It's awesome. I'm not anxious all the time and I know it's because of the program's exercises and the sessions."

This feels SO much better. - Marissa C

"I was under a list of shoulds� I should stop by my mom's. I should send the teacher a thank you note. I should take a walk. I should clean the bathrooms. I should go to the network meeting tonight. I was at my wits end. Now I see how I could actually choose to do things. This feels SO much better."

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