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My Story

Picture the most confident, insecure person you can imagine. That was me.

I began modeling when I was 14. Upon later reflection, I realized my modeling career was a manifestation that emanated from a collage of models I pasted on my entire bedroom wall.

Agent after agent found me, which propelled me from Boston to New York City (NYC) to Sydney to Paris to Milan and back to NYC. I based myself in NYC while accumulating frequent flyer miles, street smarts, magazine covers, savings, insomnia, outrageous experiences, anxiety and confidence. All of this was lumped on top of the post-traumatic stress and a deep sadness that followed me out of high school.

This combination, along with my innate spiritual nature, motivated me to search for inner peace. For years, I was simply trying to survive my days. I have definitely learned a lot through my healing journey. The natural choice after I retired from modeling was studying psychology and counseling thus lending my advice-giving personality credibility while dealing with my anxiety, post-traumatic stress and sadness.

I spent years hiding by wearing Birkenstocks and overalls or staying home studying and practicing healing and spiritual techniques. Still 25 years after I stopped modeling, people still introduce me as 'Susan the Supermodel.' It took me some time to embrace the idea that my career as a model is a great avenue to connect with people.

I now love bridging outer beauty and inner peace and helping others do the same. I know we all want the same thing-outer beauty and inner peace. I know I do.

Some of my favorite ways to cultivate beauty and inner peace:
Connecting with others on a deep level.
Meeting with my spiritual Master Mind Sisters.
Pursuing self-discovery and awareness.
Allowing Source.
Practicing the Inner Beauty Regime.
Teaching and learning from my daughter, one of my teachers.

That's that. Like most, I'm a grown woman who still feels like a kid inside. Thankfully my daughter is mostly peace-filled and hugely grateful of this life I've created for us.

To this day, my favorite thing to do is to help others.

My goal is to not give unsolicited advice, but to be a healing presence by listening, caring, not judging and being an example of a girl who was once a hot mess and has pulled it together.

If I can feel inner peace-you can too.

With Love and a desire to connect with you, Susan